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Tombstones – Symbols of appreciation

With our tombstones you express your appreciation to business partners and colleagues – an award and gratification for successful business deals or consultations.

Meanwhile these tombstones made of acrylic and Plexiglas have become popular not only in finance but in other lines of business too. They have developed from simple frames for documents to stylish designer objects. axxo Design also manufactures individual shapes of high quality and creativity. 

Our performance for you

  • Service: competent and comprehensive advice on your ideas
  • Development: brainstorming, draft, layout, complex 3D-draft, technical drawings
  • Production: high-quality, precise production on time
  • Extra service: packing, gift packaging, distribution

Our Tombstone-family

We offer acrylic tombstones in 4 different categories: from high-speed & low-budget to exclusive & individual – to meet your particular needs.