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Environment & Sustainability

Our contribution

Plastic processing and sustainability are mutually exclusive? This is a fallacy, because the acrylic glass we process makes a significant contribution to protecting our environment. We will be happy to explain how this works:

  • Acrylic glass and Plexiglas® do not contain any substances that are harmful to the environment or health and are therefore harmless to health
  • Acrylic glass is durable in all its applications and therefore offers a decisive advantage over other plastics
  • Acrylic glass is excellent for recycling because it can be 100% recycled. Old material is melted down and is in no way inferior to new material in terms of appearance and quality. This process can be repeated as often as you like. If you wish, you can get your products made from completely recycled material. Our sales department will be happy to advise you on the implementation options.
  • Alternatively, we also offer you completely ecological materials such as concrete, wood and stone, as a supplement or replacement - our perfect match according to your wishes!