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axxo Service+Production has family tradition

For more than 25 years we have been developing and producing first-class products for satisfied customers. Long-term thinking, service and innovative ideas are the key factors to our success. 

We have grown along with our tasks: With our know-how and investments in state-of–the-art technology we will continue to offer our customers best quality in production and service in future, too.


  • 1991: Start-up of Odin Horst Krieger KG by Horst Krieger
  • 1992: Regular employees are hired to expand the young company 
  • 1998: Relocation to new production plant in the industrial area Korbußen 
  • 1999: The company change name to axxo Design 
  • 2000 – 2011: Investments in extensive modern machinery
  • July 2004: Construction of a new building is started
  • 2004: axxo Design employ 26 permanent employees and 5 trainees
  • 2005: New building for administration and operations is opened 
  • 2005: A photovoltaic system (63 KW PIC output) is installed to reduce CO2 emission 
  • 2007: 3D-construction-programme is introduced to create photorealistic images
  • 2008: axxo Design are given a licence for the patented heat laminating of acrylic and Plexiglas® sheets with a special heat laminating technique
  • 2008: Introduction of modern materials management system to meet customers’ rising demands 
  • 2009: Installation of high-precision machining centre for milling of plastic and metal
  • 2010: Axel Krieger takes over the company management 
  • 2011: axxo Design become a GmbH (Ltd) 
  • 2011: Investment in state-of-the-art digital printing technology for directly printing on plastic, glass and metal 
  • 2012: The company employ 37 permanent employees and 2 trainees
  • 2012: axxo Design launches its new website
  • 2013: A media designer and two trainees join our team
  • 2014: We train media designers for the first time
  • 2015: Further investment in latest technology to produce flat light panels as well as purchase of a new UV digital printing machine
  • 2016: Acquisition of another high-precision CNC machining center from the aviation industry. We are all "Miele" - axxo Design receives a major order for the conversion of around 1000 washing machines for the global market.
  • 2017: Investment in another digital printing machine. axxo Design is now also on Pinterest.
  • 2018: Purchase of another screen printing machine. Training and team coaching for employees.
  • 2019: axxo is more than design! The newly founded axxo Service+Production GmbH aims to underscore this position. axxo Design GmbH takes over the business of Munich-based Schönpfeffer Manufaktur. Now we also produce ecological advertising material made of concrete and cast ceramic. We are pleased that all of our three trainees passed their exams and that they all signed permanent employment contracts. Workshop and team coaching of employees. The company currently employs around 46 people.
  • 2020: axxo Service+Production GmbH plans to relaunch its website. The renovation of the outer facade of the second company building is planned for the second half of the year.