Acrylic glass – the material that dreams are made of

Clear, coloured, shining, satin, reflecting or fluorescent –  there is a wide variety of acrylic glass and the combination with other materials such as wood or metal can even emphasize the effect your acrylic products have. Please read the following sites for information on the materials we use. Furthermore our knowledgeable staff will be delighted to advise you on specific qualities and possible combinations.

Acrylic- and Plexiglas

Because of their crystalline transparency and timeless elegance, acrylic and Plexiglas are the perfect materials, not only for high-quality and practical design-products, but also for technical parts that require precision and dimensional stability. axxo Design processes, finishes, and prints a wide range of acrylic glass.



Natural grain and warm colours meet shiny Plexiglas. Due to the attractive contrast between soft natural wood and solid acrylic glass, this combination has become one of the most popular in our range.



Solid, heavy and powerful – there is no other material that embodies stability and timelessness like metal. Besides processing other materials, we use metal to make bases and applications for your acrylic products.